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Dieting Myths and Truths





Dieting Myths and Truths!

Let’s face it:  our society really subscribes to “instant gratification” in many forms.  We want Amazon Prime, so we can get our new jeans within a day. We limit our purchases to under 20 items so we can get in the speedy lane at the grocery store. I personally get annoyed when my business cards aren’t ready within 24 hours.  In a time where we are used to receiving what we want, WHEN we want it, it is no wonder people are always looking for the next new diet or miracle pill that guarantees they lose 20 pounds overnight!  However, is this really what you want?  Sure, sometimes it may SOUND enticing, but at what cost to your body?

Losing Weight Naturally versus Losing Weight Fast

Being clear on how you want to lose weight is just as important as hitting your ideal mark on your bathroom scale.  You could lose a few pounds overnight with the right pill or potion, but if the weight was water weight or muscle mass, then you may not be helping out your body as much as you had originally intended.

It’s funny how often I hear women say they want to cut back on calories to drop weight fast.  I honestly thought this idea was outdated, but I was wrong! Women still believe this a good idea.

 The Downside to Cutting Calories Drastically

  • Blood sugar levels can decrease – leading you to binge later;
  • You can begin feeling tired or lethargic – no working out for you;
  • The ability to focus diminishes;
  • Your metabolism slows down – which makes you gain weight;
  • You can become irritable (this is so me);

There are many other downsides to extremely low calories, and doing this in the long-term isn’t sustainable and it has an effect on your body! You end up slowing your metabolism and gaining even more weight back.

The Downside to Taking Weight Loss Pills

There are many different kinds of weight loss pills out there, and while their effects may vary, here are some of the general downsides to ingesting weight loss pills:

  • Pulmonary hypertension can result from using stimulant-like weight loss pills;
  • Increased pulse and heart rate;
  • Dry mouth, headache, insomnia, constipation and sore throat;
  • Some diet pills can cause kidney and gallbladder stones;
  • Many diet pills can affect other medications;
  • Liver issues – especially with supplements with green tea extract in them;;
  • Many other over the counter diet supplements are promoted as helping with weight loss, but few have actually been proven to work. -excerpted from (

The Downside to Fad Dieting (

  • You may lose weight in the beginning, but may put it back on after you go back to your old eating habits;
  • Fad diets aren’t sustainable – such as an all-protein diet or no-carb diet – your body needs carbs to function optimally!
  • Fad diets are often restrictive, cutting out an entire food group – following a balanced diet gives your body the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to keep you going;

One question which needs to be addressed before approaching the topic of weight loss is to identify what your aim is in losing weight?  Are you looking to build muscle, lose excess body fat, detox your body or lead a healthier lifestyle in general? The number on the scale will mean nothing if you lost weight and don’t look the way you imagined.

Other Dieting Misconceptions

Myth:  Certain foods like celery, cabbage soup or grapefruit can burn fat.

Truth:  Foods can’t burn fat!  Sure, caffeine may be proven to speed up your metabolism in a short burst, but it isn’t necessarily the best thing for weight loss.

Myth:  Exercise can turn fat into muscle.

Truth:  Fat can’t turn into muscle, these are two totally different types of cells.  You can, however, build muscle, increase your metabolism, detoxify your body via sweating ( and lose fat naturally.

Myth:  Low-fat diets are healthy.

Truth:  Eating natural fat helps keep you filling full, and actually can help you lose weight.  Again, a balanced diet is a huge key to losing weight and keeping it off.

Myth:  Natural weight-loss products are safe and effective.

Truth:  Many over the counter supplements, even those which are considered “natural”, usually aren’t scientifically proven or tested.

Remembering that which is natural, well-rounded and balanced in terms of diet and exercise will support you in achieving your ideal weight without the negative side-effects.

What Nature Intended

Good Ol’ Albert Einstein once said, “If you look deep into nature, you will understand everything better.”  And seeing that nature is, arguably, the most sustainable system known to mankind, it may be good to take a cue from her!

As with most things in life, it takes time, commitment and effort to achieve your goals, and anyone offering a fast painless way to reach them is probably selling something.  I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but especially when it comes to dieting, it is important to take the steady, proven road with little-to-no side-effects.  One more key to achieving your dieting goals is to also have a balanced lifestyle – what’s the point of having the body of your dreams if work and working out consume all your free time?  Spend time with your children, set aside occasions where you can learn and pursue your hobbies:  mental growth and stress relief ( is just as important to a healthy body as working out and having balanced meals.

Wishing you all the best!



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